Cyclonator II

The Cyclonator® is a closed loop wash rack system. The filtration system recycles wash water from the above ground wash rack, or it can be used with an existing trench drain or sump. The zero discharge process allows environmentally safe cleaning by using a simple filtration process and features a built in oil-water separator. You can use your own pressure washer with the Cyclonator®. Not only can the Cyclonator® be used for equipment washing, municipal salt trucks, corrosion control, but it can save powder coaters thousands of dollars by recycling your phosphate pre-treatment chemicals. Whether you are degreasing equipment or acid washing parts, the Cyclonator® can save you time and money while avoiding EPA fines.

Fast to Setup, Easy to Operate, Simple to Maintain

  • The Cyclonator® provides a cost effective means of cleaning equipment while preventing ground water contamination and simultaneously reducing water/sewage costs.
  • The Cyclonator® is modular and semi-permanent. It can easily be expanded from 6' x 6' to 30' x 60'. It can be set up on any reasonably hard surface, gravel, dirt, pavement, etc. Any or all of the components can be set up indoors or outdoors.
  • The standard Cyclonator® is closed loop. (The effluent water may be disposable under some conditions in some areas. Check with your local water treatment plant)
  • Each Cyclonator® wash rack is water tight and seals securely to adjoining racks to prevent gaps in containment. All wastewater is captured and filtered.

The all stainless steel Cyclonator II uses vacuum to recover wash water from above ground racks, trench drains, mats or Vac-curb. Standard filtration with this system includes a pre-filter to capture gross contaminants prior to the filtration chamber, oil coalescing and oil skimmer, ozone injection, 24/7 recirculation, back washable media filtration and absolute filtration.